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Your car or van battery forms the heart of your vehicle's electronics system. If your battery is underperforming or of poor quality, it will be impossible for your vehicle to perform as the manufacturer intended. D C Tyres and Exhausts stock batteries in a wide range of makes and performance levels; and our mechanics are experts at recommending batteries offering optimal performance for your vehicle whilst still falling within your budget. If you need tyre and exhaust specialists in Belfast, call today.

Is your car in need of a replacement battery?

At D C Tyres and Exhausts, we recommend choosing the highest quality of car battery your budget will stretch to, to ensure you get the ultimate performance from your car over the longest period possible. Every battery we stock has been fully tested before reaching the shop floor- so you can be sure you're getting the most durable and cost-effective battery for your money!

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The makes of car battery we stock include:

For a highly reliable mechanic stocking a wide range of car batteries in Belfast, call

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• Bosch

• Enduroline

• Yuasa

• Lithium

• Exide

• Powerline

• Varta

• Numax

• Lucas

Want to ensure you get the most from your car?

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